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Pet Care - Fleas

by KIRAN PATEL 23 Mar 2021 0 Comments

Advice and information on Fleas


The most common species of fleas is the Cat Flea which is known to bite humans. All fleas feed on warm-blooded animals and typically females lay their eggs after feeding.


Adult fleas average to about 2mm in size and are red-brown, flattened, wingless insects.


  • Pets scratching may be a sign of fleas.
  • In light coloured animals, you may see the fleas when you brush back the hairs.
  • In darker coloured animals, combing the pet over white paper may reveal black specks. If the black specks turn red when you add drops of water onto them, they are fleas.
  • Bites on humans around the ankles and legs can be an indicator. The bites usually provoke an irritating, allergic reaction resulting in a small red spot about 5mm in diameter.
  • You may also see fleas jumping in your carpet and furniture if you have an active infestation.


Apply veterinary approved Flea products to your pet and vacuum the area your pet is active in frequently. Regularly wash your pet’s bedding in the hottest water possible


It is advisable to contact a professional pest control company, however to treat fleas immediately, clear the area and vacuum as much as possible and apply an insecticide spray to the susceptible areas.

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