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4 Steps to quickly remove a moth infestation

by KIRAN PATEL 21 Apr 2021 1 comment
carpet clothes moths problem

Step 1.

Identify & Stop the source of the infestation

If one room of the house is infested, it may be likely that the infestation will spread to other rooms in the house if not addressed quickly. You must first identify which room and what part of the room is the source of the infestation using Demi Diamond Moth Traps. Hang the moth traps in all 4 sides of the room with the suspected infestation, leave for 3 days and inspect to see which trap has the most moths. This will show if the infestation has spread from its original source to anywhere else in the room, and if you don't already know, will show you which room contains the infestation. This may be in a cupboard, rug, section of carpet, or in the attic / basement.

How to demi diamond moth trap The Demi Diamond Moth Trap uses moth pheramones to attract and capture male moths. This will halt the mating cycle of the moths, subsequently reducing the growth and spread of the moth problem.

Step 2.

Assess the severity of the infestation

After leaving the Demi Diamond Moth Traps for 3 days, you may assess how severe the infestation is by seeing how many rooms are infested and checking how much damage has been caused in the rooms that are infested. If you find that more than one room is infested, we recommended contacting a professional pest control expert to handle the situation. If the infestation is contained within one room, proceed with the following steps and look into home protection kit options.

Step 3.

Clean infested areas

All infested areas of the house that have shown any sign of moth activity must be thoroughly cleaned to prevent re-appearance of another infestation. Vacuum inside closets, around water heaters and other appliances, near air vents and ducts and in cracks and crevices along floors.
In the room which showed the most moth activity on the Demi Diamond Moth Traps make sure to thoroughly clean carpets, cupboards, drawers and all fabrics inside the room. Any clothing stored in the room with the infestation must be either washed or taken to the dry cleaners.

Step 4.

Apply moth killer / repellent

Once the infested room(s) have been cleaned, you must spray any carpeting, mattresses & bedding in the room with Insect Spray Repellent.
For light infestations we recommend a mild treatment kit, to prevent any further damage to clothing, use any wardrobe moth repellent, such as the Acana Hanging Moth Killer to keep clothing items on hangars safe.
For items of clothing kept in drawers or on shelves, use any moth repellent suitable, such as Acana Sachet Moth Killer, or moth killer strips.

how to acana home spray The Acana Carpet & Fabric Moth Killer kills moths, eggs & larvae safely. Ideal for carpets, soft furnishings, curtains, cushions & other fabric. Do not use on silk, suede or leather.


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1 comment

24 Apr 2021 James Martin

Helpful blog, but how much does it cost to get professional pest control to get rid of a moth problem?

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