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Garden Moles

by KIRAN PATEL 23 Mar 2021 0 Comments

Advice and information on Moles


The tunnelling of Moles can be very unsightly and cause safety issues where the tunnels cause structure of the ground to become unstable.


Moles are 15-20cm long with grey black fur and use their large two front paws to scrape away earth.


Moles can appear in any area but are more likely in sandy, free-draining soils and turf areas that are not maintained often.


Moles can burrow up to 100 metres per night, creating raised ridges and mounds of loose earth.


There are numerous methods in which you can deter moles from your premises before they cause damage.

  • Moles have poor eyesight and rely on their sense of smell and touch to navigate. Sonic devices release vibrations with can be detected by Moles and deter them from the area
  • In addition, Repellent granules can be scattered over your lawn again to deter activity


If however,you do find a mole infestation, it is advisable to locate professional pest control services to control mole infestations.
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