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We specialize in supplying professional bird deterrents for business owners and householders to get rid of pest birds. 

Pest birds, including pigeons and seagulls perching, nesting or roosting on ledges and roofs of buildings can be an annoyance and can also lead to a number of other problems including bird droppings defacing the building, fouling surfaces below and making them slippery, and insect infestations.

These droppings that not only make your property look messy and poorly maintained can also carry up to 60 diseases. These include potentially fatal diseases such as histoplasmosis, a respiratory disease; Candidiasis, a fungus infection that could affect skin, mouth and respiratory system; and Salmonellosis, a food poisoning disease. All of these and more are associated with pest birds like pigeons.

We do not sell products that physically harm or kill birds; the preventative products such as spikes or nets act as a method to prevent landing or access to a specific area.