Silverfish Killer Professional Kit Spray (1L) with Powder (300g)

Silverfish Killer Professional Kit Spray (1L) with Powder (300g)

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Silverfish Killer Professional Kit Spray (1L) with Powder (300g)

Our Kit - includes:

1 x Protector 'C' Super Killer Spray 1ltr: 

Ø  Fast Acting, Triple Action & Long-Lasting control up to 12 weeks

Ø  Eradication of any size silverfish infestation

Ø  Non-Staining with Low Odour as it is water-based spray so can be applied directly to surfaces without causing any damage or nasty lingering smells.

Ø  Strongest Silverfish Spray for both Amateur & Professional in the UK Market having ability to eradicate silverfish infestations from the home or business.

Ø  New Formulation with Growth Regulator; when contact with Silverfish, stop the further progress of the silverfish lifecycle which resulting in no new generation. Ultimately it Break the life cycle of Silverfish.

Ø  1 L Covers up to 50 Sq Mtr in a Single Application. However, to eradicate a particularly heavy silverfish infestation then a second application may be required.

1 x Killer Powder: This permethrin dust is an excellent killer and is effective against all stages. Produced in a puffer pack for easy application, our Powder is particularly good for applying around the edges of the room and to specific areas of damage prior to treatment with the Protector ‘C’ spray. 

Both the spray and powder can be applied to carets and other surfaces for effective long-term control effective control of silverfish. As silverfish feed not only on food debris but also on starches and gums used to bind books and wood, they can often be found in homes, particularly in areas where using a water based spray would not be suitable such as around electrical cabling, electrical equipment and freshly laid woodwork.

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