Professional Rodent Rat Trap Discreet Bait Station Box & Pasta Bait Poison BRODIFACOUM AT 0.0025% - THE MAXIMUM LEGAL STRENGTH (2 Solo Boxes + 150g Blue Pasta)

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Professional Rodent Rat Trap Discreet Bait Station Box & 150g Pasta Bait Poison 

Package Contain: 2 Solo Traps with 1 Key + 150g of Brodifacoum Pasta + 2 Cable Ties (to hold Pasta)

We Provide free pair of Latex Gloves on Each order..

The ultra compact trap and bait station is the ideal box for locations where space is limited or discretion is required and is ideal for use in warehouse locations such as, between pallets.  The Solo box has a unique lock-in rat trap holder that can be used with all standard rat traps as well as other popular trap systems such as T-Rex Trap.  This station features a grill at the back of the box that allows in light and airflow to improve rodent acceptance.  This unique box can also be mounted vertically and along railings.

This compact station is also suitable to be used with rodent baits.  The station can hold a medium bait tray for use with loose baits and can also be fitted with a cable tie to hold block baits.

The Solo box is a compact and versatile bait and trap station. This box is ideal for use in locations where space is limited, such as between pallets and under kickboards.

  • Tamper resistant 2 prong locking system that is Uni-Key compatible
  • Unique grill allows light and air flow in to improve rodent acceptance
  • Secure lock-in holder for rat snap traps like Gorilla & T Rex Trap
  • Compatible with trays for grain bait
  • Can be used with cable ties to hold Block & Pasta baits securely in place
  • Option to set trap from outside of the box with pull cord/cable tie for a no-touch solution
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Can be mounted vertically on posts and other vertical surfaces, helping to reduce the risk to non-target species
Dimensions: (h)101mm x (w) 262mm x (d) 166mm


Single feed active ingredient Brodifacoum on an oat grain which can control mice and rats in 1 feed.

Highly attractive bait packed with peanut oils and cereals making it very palatable to rodents ensuring infestations are controlled fast. The strength of Paste offers the user a great solution to control large infestations of rats quickly when other baits might not work.

Each 150g pouch contains paste sachets, enough for 2-3 x rat bait points. 

Medium to high infestations require a number of bait points. Bait refills may be required to replenish any bait taken. Once bait-take has stopped, the infestation has been controlled, so bait must be withdrawn from the bait stations and disposed of correctly. Always read the label.

Active: 0.0025% Brodifacoum

How to Use?

  1. Check for signs of activity in and around buildings. This can be burrows or runs. Rats are very cautious and will run beside buildings and look to hide in any cover that might offer them a form of safety.
  2. Place Solo bait stations every 5-10m apart where there are signs of rodent activity and in areas where rodents would feel safe and not exposed.
  3. Place 60g of Paste into each of the bait stations. 
  4. Check the bait 5-7 days after the first treatment and replenish any bait taken.
  5. Search for, remove and dispose of any dead rodents that are found.
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