Fleas Kill or Prevent Kit

Fleas Kill or Prevent Kit

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Fleas Kill or Prevent Kit

Fleas Kill or Prevent Kit 1 is a complete pack of pest control products for killing, stopping and getting rid of a flea problem in 1 or 2 rooms. Only with a combination of pest control products will you successfully eradicate these biting insect pests.

Each product has been chosen for it's own individual properties in eliminating and eradicating these insect parasites that have found their way into your home or business via your pet cat, dog or other animal.

Contained within your Kit:

  •  1 x Litre Professional ready to use insecticide based on Cypermethrin - one of the best and most effective insecticides that you can buy online for spray treating floors, carpets and soft furnishings. Formula D also leaves a residue when dry which will continue to kill any flea that crawls over it for up to 12 weeks after spraying.
  •  1 x 150g Insectrol Powder which is for use to treat under skirting boards, in cracks or crevices and near electrical wiring sockets, which are all places where these insects like to live and hide
  •  2 x Fumigation Smoke Bombs : A powerful knockdown smoke generator designed to use as a whole room flea fumigation and killing treatment. The smoke from these generators will seep into cracks and crevices which harbour these pest insects to flush them out and kill them
  •  1 x Pair of Latex Gloves

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