Clothes moths, Textile Moths and Carpet Beetles Trap Killer Kit 2

Clothes moths, Textile Moths and Carpet Beetles Trap Killer Kit 2

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Clothes moths, Textile Moths and Carpet Beetles Trap

  • THE STRONGEST CARPET MOTH TREATMENT KIT IN THE MARKET – Latest innovative formulation contains three powerful active ingredients making it unparalleled in its ability to eradicate carpet moth infestations from the home or business.
  • NEWLY DEVELOPED FORMULATION – Now containing three powerful active ingredients, including an Insect Growth Regulator, kills carpet moths on contact and halts the progression of the carpet moth’s lifecycle development, resulting in no new numbers.
  • FAST ACTING AND LONG LASTING – The three potent active ingredients work in a synergistic way helping to deliver an even faster and more widespread knockdown of carpet moths and leaves an insecticidal residue that continues to protect for up to 12 weeks.
  • NON-STAINING AND LOW-ODOUR – Protector C and Residual P Powder can be applied directly to carpets and rugs without causing any damage or nasty lingering smells.
  • INCREASED COVERAGE – covers 50 square meters in a single application making it the most cost effective carpet moth spray on the market.

    Kit Contain: Supplied with pair of Latex Gloves

    1 x Protector C 1 L:
    Carpet Moth Spray is best-selling product for eradicating carpet moth infestations and the most powerful carpet moth spray available to the amateur market. Innovative formulation incorporates two additional active ingredients. The first is pyriproxyfen, a ground-breaking insect growth regulator that halts the progression of the lifecycle development from juvenile to adult, resulting in the inability for the moth to reproduce. The second is the addition of chrysanthemum cineraria folium extract, a natural pyrethrum, which when combined with cypermethrin (0.1%) has a synergistic effect, helping to deliver an even faster knockdown and longer-lasting residual for ongoing control of all lifecycle stages. It is a fast-acting moth killer spray that enables you to carry out an effective moth treatment to carpets and rugs as it is water-based it will not cause them any damage. Having low-odour and free from solvents, so it is perfectly suitable for use in homes with children and/or pets. As well as delivering a quick knockdown it also leaves an insecticidal residue that continues to kill for up to 12 weeks. 

    1 x Residex P Dusting Powder 300g:
    Carpet Moth and Beetle Powder is a powerful insecticidal powder that kills all the lifecycle stages of the carpet moth and carpet beetle. It contains the active ingredient permethrin (0.5% w/w), a broad spectrum insecticide which is also effective against an extensive range of other crawling and flying insects. The powder is ideally suited for application to areas where a spray wouldn’t be suitable, such as areas in close proximity to electrical appliances and power sockets.

    1 x X - Lure (Pre-Baited):

    With the Xlure-FIT you can specifically monitor various target insects including, Webbing Clothes Moth, Case-Bearing Clothes Moth, Black Carpet Beetle and Varied Carpet Beetle.

    Once activated, the trap works by releasing pheromones – airborne molecules that trigger a certain response in the insects – The trap works by releasing pheromones to attract the male before it has a chance to mate with the female. These pheromones are released at a steady rate across a period of 6-8 weeks. Male moths enter by keyholes on the upper surface, while beetle species crawl up the rough surface of the trap.

    132mm Diameter, 30mm Deep.

    How to Use?

    Peel off the Aluminium foil from the cartridge and slide the Cartridge on to the base of the trap below, so that it forms the base of the trap. Then place the top of the trap locating the secure point through the small hole in the top. Gently squeeze to secure lid to base.

    Place the trap in floor of the potential area of infestation or in suitable location.

    Examine the trap regularly

    Once full with insects then change the cartridge

    Trap Placement: One trap in every room of suspected infestation or 8-10 metres apart in larger areas.

    Replacement: Replace the pheromone dispenser every 6 weeks. Please dispose of old cartridge from the monitoring area after used.

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