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Blitz all-in-one Kit Clothes Moth

Blitz Kit

Blitz all-in-one Kit Clothes Moth


Act immediately with a Blitz Kit against a moth infestation with the combination of three easy to use products to repel, prevent and kill an infestation.

1 X Protector C Spray 350ml

The original and best ready to use, water based insecticide. with amateur use approval Protector C has enhanced residual action with aqueous nano emulsion formulation technology making it effective against a very wide range of insects in fact almost all insects. No staining or smell once dry.

1 x Residex P 50g

Residex P is a universal Dusting Powder containing 0.5% Permethrin for use in areas in which liquid is not practical.
Blitz Moth Kit

1 x Midi Fumer 

Forte Fog Fumers are simple and easy to use multi-purpose products using an insecticide of low mammalian toxicity for insect control in enclosed spaces in hard to treat areas. Forte Fog Fumers are ready to use and are completely self-contained. No additional chemicals are needed resulting in no mixing or complicated calculations being required; making these fumers such a popular choice. These Fumers do not have a lingering smell and whilst the smoke should not be breathed, it is not pungent nor does it leave any residual smell or deposit once the treatment is complete. Simply set the fumers of in the desired area and leave the room, they are truly simple to use with maximum effect.

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