Clothes Moth Kill and Control Treatment Kit 2

Clothes Moth Kill and Control Treatment Kit 2

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Clothes Moth Kill and Control Treatment Kit 1 is a complete pack of pest control products for killing, stopping and getting rid of problem clothes moths in 3 to 4 average sized rooms. Only with a combination of pest control products will you successfully eradicate these damage causing insect pests. Successfully  eradicating all fabric eating insects such as cloth or webbing clothes moths, their larvae known also as woolly bearsdomestic carpet beetles and case bearing carpet moths.

Each product has been chosen for it's own individual properties in eliminating and eradicating these insect pests that have found their way into your home to feed on clothes and other fabrics.

Our Clothes Moth Kill and Control Treatment 2 contains:
  •  2 x Litre Professional Ready to use insecticide which is one of the best and most effective insecticides. Simply apply where moths, beetles and other insects are found . Also apply to carpets, skirting boards and cracks crevices where insects may be hiding. 
  •  2 x 150g Clothes Moth Killer Insecticidal Powder which is for use to treat under the edges of carpets, under skirting boards, in cracks or crevices and near electrical wiring sockets, which are all places where these insects like to live and breed
  •  4 x Clothes Moth Fumigation Smoke Bombs for use as a whole room clothes moth fumigation and killing treatment. The smoke from these generators will seep into cracks and crevices which harbour these pest insects to flush them out and kill them
  •  1 x Pair of Latex Gloves 
We would always advise that if you have a clothes or carpet moth infestation a fumigation treatment in lofts or attics should be carried out as these insects are very often found to be living and breeding in the insulation material 2 x Clothes Moths Mini Fumigation Smoke Bombs should be sufficient to treat an average sized loft or attic.

Also if you have clothes moths or carpet moths in others rooms, you may consider setting off Fumigating Power Foggers or Fumigation Smoke Bombs in other rooms of your property to make sure these damage causing insects are not allowed to infest other areas.
If you want to buy extra Fumigation smoke bomb and other related products then you may visit below link..

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