Ants Insect Killer Kit for Home & Eradicate Garden Black Ants

Ants Insect Killer Kit for Home & Eradicate Garden Black Ants

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Ants Insect Killer Kit for Home & Eradicate Garden Black Ant

Our Kit Contains:

Nippon Ant Bait Station (2 Nos)

A ready-to-use liquid insecticide bait, Nippon Ant Bait Station is perfect for anyone looking for a clean and simple solution to their ant problem.

Fully enclosed, Nippon Ant Bait Station can be used both indoors and outdoors. Ideal for combating infestations around domestic premises or out-houses / greenhouses.

  • Acts to kill ants and their nests
  • Eliminates a nest without mess or trace
  • Contains Spinosad

Unlike sprays and other liquid solutions, Nippon Ant Bait Station is totally enclosed and easy to use. The ants enter the bait station, taking back the liquid to their nest. The active ingredient is then spread throughout the whole colony, stopping ants in their tracks and destroying the complete nest at the same time.

Nippon Ant Killer Liquid Gel 25g x 1:

  • Formulated to destroy complete ant colonies without trace. It consists of a sugary bait specially formulated to appeal to black ants.
  • The type that tends to be attracted inside the home. Worker ants take the sweet bait back to the nest and feed it to the whole colony.
  • Nippon Ant Killer Liquid is particularly useful when the ant nest site is unknown or inaccessible
  • Should be used at the first sign of ant activity – normally in early spring
  • To use apply a few drops of the liquid, preferably in the late evening, to a non-absorbent surface, near to the ant run
  • Do not disturb feeding ants as it is essential, they take the bait back to the nest and the rest of the colony.
  • Change the bait daily until any activity ceases.

As with any biocide, always read the label and product information before use and dispose of responsibly afterwards. Keep out of reach of children.

Residex P Dusting Powder 300g x 1:
It contains the active ingredient permethrin (0.5% w/w), a broad spectrum insecticide which is also effective against an extensive range of other crawling and flying insects. The powder is ideally suited for application to areas where a spray wouldn’t be suitable, such as areas in close proximity to electrical appliances and power sockets.

Note: For larger infestation, we recommend to buy at least 2 set of this kit

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