Claw Mole Trap (Pack of 2)

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Highly effective and successful mole trap designed and used by professionals. Triggered by the moles natural soil clearing upwards action. Double entry mole traps allows access from either side of tunnel. A must in the pest controller’s armoury.

  • Horizontal trigger plate
  • Triggered by moles natural soil clearing action
  • Easy set
  • Humane fast kill

Setting Trap

  1. Slide the trigger plate into centre of trap in line with setting arm.
  2. Squeeze the trap together so the claws are in open position. Pull the setting arm over and insert into hole in trigger plate.
  3. Gently release pressure, letting setting arm take spring load. The trap is now set.

How to use

  1. Look for signs of mole activity such as fresh earth on mole hills. Do not place trap in a mole hill, but prod ground close by with stick to find a run. When the stick push’s through soil it will indicate a tunnel. Use a finger to see which way tunnel runs.
  2. Place trap on top of ground in line with direction of tunnel. Mark out area around trap using a knife and remove turf and soil to expose tunnel.
  3. Place set trap firmly into soil with trigger plate just above the bottom of tunnel.
  4. Sprinkle a small amount of soil into tunnel and around the trap and trigger plate, then place the turf back over to block any light entering the tunnel.
  5. The mole will think the tunnel has collapsed and try to clear the soil. It’s natural up movement will trigger the plate and set off the trap.
  6. Remember to mark location of traps.
  7. Please check daily.

  • Rub soil over trap before use to remove scent.
  • Never wash a trap that has caught a mole
  • Rub the scent off caught moles into the tunnels of other moles and place trap.

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