Demi Diamond Clothes Moth Killer - Repellent Refill 10 pads (Pack of 10)

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The clothes moth traps work by using pheromone pads that attract male carpet moths, trapping them so they cannot reproduce with the females. This is an effective clothes moth treatment and will help you get an infestation under control. Effective in catching clothes moths, the demi-diamond trap is a great way to both monitor clothes moth activity and take action against an infestation before it gets out of hand.
  • Demi Diamond Clothes Moth Killer Refill Pads. provides protection from clothes moth damage in the home.
  • Demi-diamond Pheromone technology: designed by experts and tested by pest control professionals, delivers maximum catch rates.
  • Fully Protected: Chemical and poison-free control of clothes moths protect precious clothes including furs, woollens, silks and natural fibres stored in wardrobes, cupboards and other storage areas.
  • Ready to use: moth traps will capture and kill moths in your closet while being safe for your entire family. Contains a natural pheromone to use in any home or wardrobe.
  • For best results: change pheromone glue boards after every 3 months.

Order Contain: 10 x 10 Clothes moth Refill Pads

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